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There is quite a history to Juliet’s Garden Restaurant and Bar.  We first opened in 1982, just as an outdoor café  (we were just ‘Juliet’s Garden’ then, as a clue to visitors that there was no inside). The tables covered the top level terraces that you first come down into. We soon outgrew our little serving shed (although we insisted on calling it ‘the kitchen’) and started applying for planning permission to convert the disused loft of Seaways Farm packing shed into the two loft floors that you see today.

Six years later we succeeded! That was about twenty-five years ago. The idea of the Balcony Room started when we realised we just didn’t have enough window seats to keep everyone happy, and our planning had stopped us from opening up the views from the bottom loft.  We built our lovely round room twelve years ago and were able to put the bigger windows in at the same time,  so the views were opened up considerably  all round.    We now offer weddings and private parties – services being conducted in the Balcony Room, or filling the lower loft if it’s a large group.   We started serving evening meals once the loft rooms were finished. It was quite hit and miss to start with, and a lot of lessons were learned along the way.

Juliet May.jpg

Several chefs later (some good, some excellent and some not nearly so good!) we are now lucky to have Steve Crook as a committed Head Chef in his first year with us.


Steve has brought his own style and we think it is one which suits Juliet’s and our customers very well.  With the emphasis on local fish and uncomplicated food it’s popular with visitors and locals alike.  For the first time we are offering a consistent menu  throughout the season, with exciting and seasonal specials nightly.

This season has seen the start of two themed nights – Steak Night on Mondays with Steve Sherris playing his Spanish guitar, and Seafood Night on Thursdays.  This means that enthusiastic customers can come three times in one week to completely different menus.

We hope you will enjoy delicious food in a friendly but efficient atmosphere and that you will not only come back time and again, as so many of our customers have been doing for so many years, but will feel free to offer your suggestions and ideas for our continued development.

We sometimes recall the words of Juliet’s grandmother:  ‘Don’t do it, dear – it’ll never work’ , now nearly thirty-seven years ago!                                

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