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Scented Narcissi

Here on the Isles of Scilly we specialise in growing the scented, multiheaded narcissi know as tazettes, the best known being the variety called Soleil d’Or. These differ from the normal large flowered daffodils, and so you might find the care tips on the other page to be of some help in growing them successfully.

Tazettas differ in the following respects:

  • They flower in the winter and early spring

  • They are not quite as hardy as daffodils

  • As natives of the Mediterranean, they like a hot dry summer to ripen the bulbs and improve flowering. ​


With their robust structure, elegant lines and beautiful colour, agapanthus make a great addition to garden borders or in pots along a garden path.  They are surprisingly low maintenance, drought tolerant and cope well with salty sea air, hence their profusion on the Isles of Scilly.  It is best to either cover them in winter, or if planted in pots, bring them indoors away from the frost.


Agapanthus is the the only genus in the subfamily Agapanthoideae of the flowering plant family Amaryllidaceae, and is commonly known as Lily of the Nile or African lily.  The name agapanthus comes from the Greek: αγάπη (agape – love), άνθος (anthos – flower).  Originally from Southern Africa, they have now become naturalised all over the world.

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